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Guest Posts For Emotional Wellness

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ntial Tips for Staying Sane and Productive Amidst “the Buzz.” 


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Are you listening or are you just hearing?


Give the gift of listening!  In your personal life as well as at work, listening is one of the most important skills that is sorely neglected.  All too often people are so focused on what they want to say that they are not as good at listening and reading the subtext under what another person is saying. [Read more...]

Is Your Agency Harassment Proof? 10 Tips To Insure Against Harrassment!

In these rapidly changing times, insurance professionals are much more likely to know the latest insurance policies, rates and quotes than be aware of the fine lines that are commonly crossed by employees, vendors and customers that suggest harassment in the workplace. Leaving yourself uneducated about the types of workplace harassment will leave you liable!  [Read more...]

You Don’t have To Be So Nice!

It's okay to speak your mind and be assertive - it does not mean you are not nice! It shows you are also confident and nice to yourself!

Gina claimed she gave “110 %” at her job as a manager at her company. She prided herself as being well liked by her work team, and claimed she bent over backwards to be considerate and lenient in making their lives easier. For the sake of being “nice” she ended up allowing her employees to take extra long lunches to fit in their runs, and was quite lax in holding them accountable to make up the time they spent on personal errands during the work day. [Read more...]

It’s Spring! Spring Clean Your Mind!

It is now officially spring, so what are you waiting for?  Spring clean your mind of old worn out thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck in a wintery state of mind.  Unclutter your emotional closet!

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